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Pink Lipps Cosmetics

Flawless Sponge Set

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This sponge set is a multi-functional blending sponge set used for applying primer, foundation, concealer, cream blush, or setting powder. Use damp to ensure a flawless, luminous application, or dry for a full-coverage application.


How To Use

Top Product Benefits- 1. when pushing the product into the skin using these sponges, it gives the most seamless skin-like finish.  2. Vegan & cruelty free. 3. Works great for delicate areas like the under eye. 4. Easy to use & easy to clean. 

How To Clean

How to clean- Thoroughly wet the sponges rubbing them against soap in your hand or a bar of soap. Focus on the stained areas of the sponge. Scrub under running water until stains start to disappear. Dry with towel & let sit out.