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Best Brow Pencil

I've used plenty of brow pencils and I think this may be the last one I use. I buy them 4 at a time just to ensure I always have one ready to go.

Brow'd Up Brow Pencil
Isabelle Montenegro
Love After First Try

I received this product in my Ipsy box and just got around to trying it. The product is so creamy and so pigmented which helps me to get my brows done in less time! It’s super easy to make hairlike strokes with this pencil for that natural look. I will be getting this again once I run out.

Brow'd Up Brow Pencil
Rebecca Backert
This is my new brow pencil!

I received the color medium brown in my boxycharm/ipsy box months ago and liked it so much I have made the switch from Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Pencil. This wears all day and the pencil lasts twice as long as Benefit's. I used Benefit's #3 and this is close but a bit darker. I like that it doesn't have a red undertone.

Happy Customer

I love the colors of the Everlasting Matte Liquid Lipstick...

Brow Bundle
Denise K Johnson

The whole thing. Easy and stays on when you want it to

Brow Bundle
Keisha Gordon
Gel is a no

It’s extremely sticky and stringy n smells disgusting

Brow'd Up Brow Pencil
Keisha Gordon
I love this pencil

I absolutely love these pencils. They last a long time on your brows all day and they are a fraction of Anastasia. These are my go to.


I first received this product in a sub box. The first time I tried it, I wasn’t impressed & tossed aside. Then I ran out of my regular primer so I grabbed this again and pushed my finger in and allowed it to warm the product a bit to it would be workable when it came off my fingers.

That changed everything! I do not wear foundation ever but I will never ever leave the house without this on my face. I have so many people comment on photos of me that are no filtered pics of how great my skin looks. I’m 45, this stuff is like having a real life photoshop filter on all the time.

I just recently purchased 4 more, while they last a long time. I am the type of person that when I find something I love … I make sure to buy the crap out of it so I never run out. Learned that from my mom! She still has a stash of Personal Touch razors that she uses. Ha!

tldr: BUY THIS NOW, IT IS PERFECT FOR WEARING W/O FACE MAKEUP, THE BEST WAY TO ACHIEVE THAT MO MAKEUP LOOK! Make sure your skin is well moisturized for best results!

Lips so smooth

I love this bundle, they smell amazing ad feel good on the lips.

Glow Gloss
Sarah R.
Glo'd Up

I purchased this from Target, I use this everyday. It's my staple

So Creamy!!!!!

So creamy and pigmented!

I love it!

I use this 2x a week, great scrub!

Rich Creme
Olivia K.
smells delicious

the perfect orange scent and really makes my skin feel good, smooth, and hydrated.

One of the best cleansers i've ever used

I love this cleanser/toner so much, its foams so good and cleans even better. It's not harsh either.

Glow Lip Oil
Jasmine J.
Blossom Lip Oil

I absolutely LOVE the blossom lip oil! It leaves my lips hydrated all day and has a long-lasting shine!

Glow Gloss
Taylor B.
the best yet

I use this gloss on my makeup clients, its a really good gloss!

I love!

Very easy to blend, I buy like 4 at a time to never run out. Also, use a pencil sharpener to sharpen it.

Hydrating and Pretty

Very sparkling but not overbearing.

Brow'd Up Brow Gel
Micah P.
Would recommend

Works very well.

Brow'd Up Brow Gel
Lele M.
The best!

I haven't had a better brow duo like in a long time. So long lasting!

A Must Have

Stop what youre doing and buy this palette.


I saw this contour stick on Tiktok and had to have it! It's so creamy an blends like a dream. Perfect shades too.

I ordered 12 lol

I love this clear lip oil so much I always order 12 at a time!

I order 12 lol

I love this lip oil so much i ordered 12 at a time!

It works great, but the formula must’ve changed because it doesn’t last as long as it use to. It has to be reapplied several times throughout the day. Before, it would last all day off 1 application alone. In addition to that the texture is different.